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Build-in Vacuum Pump LCD Separator Machine ( Doesn't work with iPad )


1. Build in Vacuum pump to stabilize the LCD assemble panel.

2. fast heating with digital temperature control

3. Separate any between 2.5 to 7 inch screen digitizer.

4. Comes with Molybdenum Wire.

5. Additional AC outlet allow you to plug other machines such as soldering iron or hot air machine.

List price: $0.00


Price: $60.00

Pre Heater CO853 ( With Magnetic Holder )


This is for Chip-Off Forensics that you can pre heat the board and speed up the chip off process.

Designed with hot and cool air adjustment especially suited for heating and cooling PCBs.


Power Input :
available in 110V ONLY

Power Consumption:

Temperature Range:
100 - 300 degrees Celsius

List price: $0.00


Price: $35.00

DC Power Supply 1502D+ ( 110V U.S Only. Cable Included )


Pre-set Voltage on 1.5V, 3.6V, 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V
Adjustable Voltage between 1 to 15 Volt.
0.6 to 2Amps

Digital Display

Use this DC power supply to power up your phone without using cell phone battery

Singal test function

List price: $0.00


Price: $30.00

Digital Electronic Hot Plate Machine ( Separate glass lens assembly )Works with iPad


Note: if you receive the blue color and that's just a new look version. Everything is the same.

operating instruction:
1. turn of the hot plate and set the temperature to 68 degree

put LCD assemble face down on the plate for between 2 to 3 minute
or check every minute just to make sure the phone still look not burn. if you are first time user( because in cases if customer's phone lens is cracked very bad, when putting LCD assemble face down on hot plate, heat might go through the lens and burn LCD a lot quicker than 3 to 4 minute, and you need to determine change temperture to lower degree or less time on hot plate)************************************IMPORTANT**************************

NOTE: After you pick up the LCD assembly and try ply open from the top side edge slowly with metal triangle opener tool that we gave you, if you have any resistant from plying it, put back on hot plate for another one minute then try it again.
3 to 4 minute is only good for Samsung SIII, not every phone models out there, this is all case by case, so be flexible with timing and temperature setting, if you are working on other models, you can try 3 minute to start out with.
7. Detail instruction video CD included.(Again, everyone has different way of cracked, some are not too bad and some are very bad, video instruction can only provide techniques on how to change by using hot plate, if you feel 3 minute is too long, lower the temperture on what you need, 4 minutes is too long, shorter the time, DO NOT FOLLOW exactly insturction on the video, because how your phone lens damage may not look exactly how our phone is damaged. ***************READ BEFORE PURCHASE******************This item is not returnable for refund.

This unit is perfect for replace glass on Samsung Galaxy SIII, Note, HTC and more, but it doesn't work on iPhone 4.

List price: $0.00


Price: $40.00

Stereo Microscope


Super High Quality Stereo Microscope

This Stereo Microscope is special designed for circuit board, can easily locate and view corresion and crack solder on the board.
comes with 2 bulbs.

List price: $0.00


Price: $99.00